Adozioni a distanza

Why do a sponsorship?

Shalom Movement Onlus is a tuscan No Profit Organization that works since 40 years to support children in the poorest countries of the world.

If you sponsor a child with Shalom you can choose among african countries such as Burkina Faso, Congo Brazzaville, Etiopia, Eritrea, Kenya, Uganda or India and Pakistan..

Thanks you support:

  • You will improve the life of children in the poorest regions of the world.
  • You wil support both the child and his family.
  • You will contribute to the development of the child’s community through the implementation of local development programs.


Why choose the Shalom Movement?

Shalom Movement is made up by people that you can contact everyday and who will help and support you in the sponsorship. It is an association that has always worked with seriousness, transparency and integrity..

With our sponsorship your money is in good hands, because we have always allocated the maximum resources to our beneficiaries and only the 10% is for operating expenses.

You don’t believe us? Just ask to Andrea Agresti from “Le Iene” or to the singer Irene Grandi and to all the other people from the show business who came with us in Burkina Faso and who support for years our projects!


What you’ll get once you start the sponsorship?

You’ll get a folder with the file, the data, a brief history and a photo of your new child. Periodically, at least one time a year, we send a letter or a note that will allow you to see your child grow up and to know his school performance.


Comes to meet your “son”

Would you like to meet the child you sponsor? With the Shalom Movement you can do it for real: in fact every year we organize solidarity travel to follow the progress of our projects and to visit all the sponsored children.
For further information call us at 0039-0571-400462 or send an e-mail at