We determined the costs the couple incurs to adopt through Shalom Movement, by applying the criteria, which were set by the Commission for International Adoptions: they are available on the website www.commissioneadozioni.it.

The couple is informed about the costs since the informational meetings and takes note of them before signing the conferment of the engagement.The couple takes note that the costs are divided in Italian Costs and Abroad Costs.

The tables of the costs, that you can find below, are a substantial and integral part of the conferment, which is given to the couple with an authentic copy.

The payments are made in 4 installments, as indicated in the attached table of the terms of payment, and must be made through a bank transfer, using the following bank details:

CASSA DI RISPARMIO DI FIRENZE Agenzia 710 di San Miniato Basso (PI) Piazzale La Pace n.3 IBAN: IT72X0616071151000000221C00 Intestato  a  MOVIMENTO SHALOM ONLUS – Adozioni Internazionali

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