After conferring the engagement, a course of training and reflectionbegins for the prospective adoptive parents. These are moments that allow us to support the couple during the adoption. These moments are crucial to prepare the couple to live this “path” in peace and as a further opportunity of growth and enrichment.

Shalom Movement is committed to providing a preparation aimed at topics such as hospitality, the history of the child and of his experience, the relationship he will have with his home country, the phases of the adoption procedure that will take place until the coming to Italy of the child, and to reflect about the inclusion in our society and in familiar and school reality. The meetings will be attended by couples who have already completed their adoptive experience and the foreign referents of the association

The course fee is € 280,00 per couple, it consists of 3 meetings to be held on Saturday afternoon from 2.30 PM to 5,30 PM in our registered office, di San Miniato (PI), in addition to the institutional parties that Shalom Movement organizes on 8th of December and 1st of May each year and several meetings the association organizes during the year with all the couples who are adopting or have already adopted through Shalom.

Furthermore, the psychologist of the association will meet individually and free of charge the couples after the conferment of the engagement and after returning from the foreign country with the child, being however always available for any need.



Shalom Movement organizes a free service of information for prospective parents, who can contact the association or by e-mail ( or by phone ( office 0571-43987; 3342473594).
Collective informational meetings take place, every two months, with the staff of the association and with the participation of the Founder of the Movement Mons. Andrea Pio Cristiani.

Later, there are depth meetings for the single pair, which are held by appointment from Monday to Friday.
They are meetings, which take place before the conferment of the engagement, and it isn’t possible to confer the engagement to Shalom Movement without having participated in one or more informative meetings.

These meetings are aimed to show the couple the general activity of the association, its actions and projects aimed at implementing the principle of subsidiarity in international adoptions.
They also have the specific purpose of providing the prospective adoptive parents some information about the regulatory principles of international adoption, the rules and the procedures of the countries where the Movement works, its methodology, the concrete prospects for adoption, the difficulties that may arise, the costs and the length of stay in the country of origin.



In relation to supporting the family, the laws are not very clear about the specific skills, but from 2012 Shalom Movement has been organizing several post-adoption group meetings with the couples and their children.

The meetings are held on Sundays from 9,45 AM to 12.30 AM, every two months, and they are led by a psychologist and some educators who entertain the kids.
The cost for the meetings (6) of a full year is € 250,00.

Taking part in these meetings is not mandatory, and the adherence is flexible: this is a service we offers to families that adopted with us, and from 2014 this service is enlarged to couples waiting for matching and couples with matching.