A testamentary bequest to Shalom Movement contributes to creating a better and more peaceful world. The funds Shalom receives throughts bequets are used to realize projects and activities, which have several aims:

  • To ensure school for all
  • To ensure the right to feed and medical care
  • To offer job and growth opportunities for disadvantaged people
  • To ensure accessibility to safe drinking water

In case of larger amounts, we plan together the works and the solidarity activities to realize.


Tips to ensure that your bequest can be effective:

  1. Evaluate in time the amount of the assets you want to dispose off and determine the part you want to leave to each of your loved ones and to any possible entities, taking into accounts the “rightful share” prescribed by the law.
  2. Decide whether to entrust the implementation of your will to an executor, who can be also an heir or a trusted legatee. This chioice in reccommended in case of a complex asset situation.
  3. Clearly identify Shalom Movement as an association you want to help through a part or the entirety of your assets.
  4. Draw up your will in triplicate (each copy must be handwritten, dated and signed). Give the first one to a notary, the second one to a person you trust and keep the last one in a safe place.Tell us your choice to leave a bequest to Shalom Movement.

Do not esitate to contact the Bequest Manager of Shalom Movement: he will put you in conctact with a volunteer legal expert who, in strict confidence, will be able to advise you (for free) on what you have to do. Phone: 0571/400462 e-mail