Shalom Movement Onlus

The Shalom Movement is a non-governmental organisation working in Italy and abroad, with the aim of spread the culture of peace, solidarity and social justice.

It was founded in 1974 by a young priest, Don Andrea Pio Cristiani, but it welcomes people from every religion: solidarity isn’t a matter of religion, but of everyone.

During those 40 years, many sections have started all over the world, but the headquarteris still in San Miniato.It has more than 20.000 members all over the world from every religion, about 11.000 in Italy, and about 9.000 in 17 other countries.

The Shalom Movement aim is pursued firstly through education of young and adults.With this intent, it organises courses in schools, meetings with adults, educational paths, and many other activities to make people aware of those ideals: social justice, solidarity, and peace.

Those activities are part of the project “School of Peace” that joins about 5.000 people every year.

International Aid Projects

The second intent of the Shalom Movement is to support the third world development thorough auto-sustainable projects on education, health and food.

By overtaking the idea of charity, all its projects are aimed to offer new jobs and new opportunities of growth and development, to give dignity and self-respect to the poorest of the world.
Some of our most important cooperation projectsare sponsorship and international adoptions.

During those 40 years of activity, about 80.000 people have taken advantages from those projects.