And this is the rest of our history…

1987 International development department start in India with chil care projects.
1995 The Child Sponsorships program starts and in one year over 1000 burkinabè children were supported. The Water Program starts too: the first drill is donated by Italian donors to a burkinabé entreprise.
2000 International projects become more structured: they are managed by by local sections in order to reach a higher level of self-sustainability.
2001 The Shalom Movement is authorized by the Italian Council of Ministrers to deal with international adoptions.
2004 The Microfinance program starts in Burkina Faso; in 2009 it starts in Uganda, in 2010 in Senegal, and in 2015 in Ethiopia.
2007 The first international branch is inaugurated in Burkina Faso, a multifunctional center that also has a hostel, a restaurant and a laboratory for disabled persons, it’s name is “Laafi Roogo”, House of Peace.
2009/2010 The Shalom Movement promotes “ethical business”: for example we develop projects to guarantee that farmers have a fair salary for their production of vegetables (green beans) and Jatropha.
2010 The Instityt Polytechnique Privé Shalom (IPS), University of Agronomy, Law and Communications, is founded in Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso).
2013 The Shalom Movement is recognised as an international NGO by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
2014 In San Miniato the “Atelier Shalom” opens: it is an experimental center for education and school support. The multifunctional center in Togo is inaugurated.